Spine X-Ray in Charleston

Spinal X-Rays in Charleston

Getting an X-Ray of Your Spine

In our chiropractic clinic in Charleston we take pride in providing digital x-rays.

An x-ray of your spine offers us a very thorough understanding of your spinal condition. This often helps us confirm the diagnosis and gives us confidence in the best course of action for restoring your health.

A spine x-ray can help us pinpoint the source of your back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other discomforts and provide a clear route for therapy.

Find The Root Cause

Get to the bottom of what’s causing your pain and discomfort so we can build a plan to get you feeling great again.

Custom Care Plan

We’ll help build you a plan of action to get your pain under control and getting you and your body feeling 100%.

Preventative Care

If needed, we’ll establish preventative measures to keep your problem from coming back so you can stay healthy.

Premium Chiropractic Care in Charleston

Chiropractic care aims to maintain proper alignment so that you may move about pain-free. They are specialists in figuring out the root of an issue and developing both immediate and long-term remedies. Make an appointment right away if you’re in pain.

X-Ray Images of Your Spine in Charleston

With chiropractic therapy, a lot of individuals in Charleston get significant pain alleviation. We may assist you in overcoming discomfort and regaining a great sense of well-being using our mild adjusting procedures, which are frequently guided by x-ray imaging. Make an appointment right now to meet with our staff and bid pain a last farewell.

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What is a Digital X-Ray?

A diagnostic procedure known as an x-ray employs electromagnetic radiation to provide images of the interior of the body. A digital x-ray is the name given to this kind of x-ray. The x-ray picture is produced by a computer during a digital x-ray and can be saved on a computer.

Traditional x-rays differ from digital x-rays in that they:

  • Is more clear and detailed
  • Uses less radiation
  • Can be stored on a computer
  • Provides images quickly

Why Get a Spine X-Ray?

Our chiropractor in Charleston can learn vital information about your spine from a spinal x-ray. Your discs, joints, and bones may all have issues that the MRI might help identify. An x-ray of your spine can also assist identify disorders with your back’s ligaments, muscles, and other soft tissues that are more difficult to identify visually.

Having an x-ray is not always necessary. In certain instances, our chiropractor in Charleston will be able to diagnose you based only on your symptoms, a physical examination, and your medical history. In some situations, we might advise doing an x-ray or another imaging test to learn more about your illness before starting therapy.

Only if we believed an x-ray was medically required to aid in the diagnosis and assist us choose the best course of therapy would we advise getting one. As using X-rays exposes you to radiation, it’s recommended to only do so when absolutely required.

What to Expect When Getting a Spinal X-Ray

An employee of our staff will transport you to the x-ray room in our office if it is determined that a spinal x-ray would be useful. Any jewelry or other things that can interfere with the image will need to be removed. A member of our staff will place you in front of the x-ray machine and then leave the room to take the photo. To provide the greatest results, we could take several pictures from various perspectives. During the x-ray, you might be instructed to hold your breath sometimes to avoid movement that might cause the image to become blurry.

X-rays typically just take a few minutes to complete. Within minutes after finishing the image capture, we will be able to evaluate the photographs on our computers. We may discuss the details of what we observe and how this is affecting your health as we show you the photographs.

Getting X-Rays of Your Spine in Charleston

It’s conceivable that a health problem you’re having is related to your spine. Your spine has a significant impact on your general health. Maintaining the health of your spine is crucial since it serves as the major conduit for the neurological system. Depending on your health condition when you visit our clinic for care, we could advise obtaining an x-ray of your spine to assist us choose the best course of action for your care.

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