Arm Pain Treatment in Charleston

Chiropractic Care for Arm Pain in Charleston

Arm Pain Treatment

Have you been experiencing prolonged arm pain? It doesn’t matter if it affects your wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, or shoulder region; this may be crippling. Your arms serve a critical purpose for your body, thus it’s crucial to maintain their functionality. Thankfully, chiropractic treatment can be beneficial.

Our team in Charleston focuses on identifying the root cause of your arm discomfort and developing a treatment strategy to help you feel fantastic once more. You are not required to endure discomfort in your arms. The remedy is chiropractic treatment!

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Get to the bottom of what’s causing your arm and leg pain so we can build a plan to get you feeling great again.

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We’ll help build you a plan of action to get your pain under control and getting you and your body feeling 100%.

Preventative Care

If needed, we’ll establish preventative measures to keep your problem from coming back so you can stay healthy.

Chiropractic Care for Arm Pain

You might not be aware that there are natural ways to treat arm discomfort. Don’t allow those annoying pains keep you from living your life. Make an appointment, and we’ll assist in eradicating your arm issues!

Arm Pain Treatment in Charleston

Chiropractic therapy helps many people significantly reduce their arm discomfort. We can assist you in overcoming the discomfort and returning to feeling fantastic once again using our mild adjusting procedures. Make an appointment right now to meet with our staff and bid arm discomfort farewell.

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Chiropractic Treatment for Arm Pain in Charleston

During their lifetimes, people typically experience arm and shoulder soreness. The majority of individuals think that their only options for supporting recovery are medications or perhaps surgery. The underlying reason of your arm ache can be naturally treated, though, with chiropractic care. Particularly with regard to arm soreness, there are several explanations. Regardless of the underlying cause, chiropractic therapy can assist to lessen discomfort and enhance your quality of life.

Chiropractic medicine is a non-invasive therapy option with a number of benefits. Therefore there is no need for surgery or medications, which usually have unwanted side effects. Our chiropractic team will correct any spinal and muscle misalignments that may be the cause of your arm pain. By doing a comprehensive examination and determining the cause of your arm pain, our chiropractic experts in Charleston can help fix the underlying problem and restore your health.

Arm Pain Symptoms That are Common

There are several factors that might be at play if your arms hurt. There are several other causes for this, including lifting something heavy, falling, banging into something, twisting it oddly, and many others. The following are typical reasons of enduring arm pain:


Joint inflammation is a symptom of this illness. It can be excruciatingly uncomfortable and make moving your arms painful.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As a result of strain on the median nerve, this disease affects the wrists. Your arm may experience discomfort, numbness, and tingling as a result.


A bursa is a sac filled with fluid that aids in reducing friction between tissues. This disease results in inflammation of the bursa. Your arm may experience discomfort and swelling as a result.


The tendon that joins muscle to bone is inflamed in this case. Your arm may experience discomfort, stiffness, and edema as a result.

Constant overuse

Pain in your arm, shoulder, and other joints might result from doing numerous repetitive actions with your arm.

Poor posture

Your muscles and joints may work harder than they should when you slouch, which can be painful. Arm discomfort and other health problems can be prevented by maintaining excellent posture.

Golfer’s elbow / Tennis elbow

Inflammation of the tendon that joins the muscle to the bone in the region of the elbow causes golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. It may be quite painful and is frequently brought on by your arm being used repeatedly.

Rotator cuff

A collection of muscles and tendons known as the rotator cuff aids in lifting your arm. When these muscles and tendons are hurt, moving your arm can be extremely painful and challenging.

Frozen shoulder

Your shoulder will feel tight and painful if you have frozen shoulder. It might be challenging to move your arm and is frequently brought on by overuse or injury.

Chiropractic therapy can assist, whatever the cause of your arm discomfort may be. The misalignments in your spine and musculoskeletal system that might be causing your arm pain will be treated by a chiropractor. Chiropractors may assist in addressing the underlying problem and restoring your health by doing a thorough assessment and identifying the source of your arm discomfort.

How Our Chiropractic Team Treats Arm Pain Symptoms

Chiropractic care for the spine and musculoskeletal system is a specialty of our Charleston team. Your joints and vertebrae are kept appropriately aligned by our efforts. Your nerve system is shielded by your vertebrae. Even minor misalignments can put a great deal of strain on your nerves and result in several health problems all over your body. Your arm is a relatively dynamic body part that is susceptible to pain and discomfort from routine use.

To continue living pain-free, chiropractic treatment helps maintain the strength and health of your spine and extremities. To assist treat arm and shoulder discomfort, chiropractors frequently combine techniques like:

Chiropractic Adjustments

The most frequent chiropractic therapy is an adjustment. It happens when your spine is realigned during an adjustment. This enables your body to repair correctly and relieves strain on your nerves.

Physical therapy exercises

Regular exercise is crucial to maintaining the health of your body. It’s even more crucial to make sure you’re performing activities that can assist lessen pain and suffering if you have arm problems.

Arm Pain Treatment in Charleston

We don’t want you to suffer. Don’t be afraid to attempt chiropractic treatment if you have arm discomfort. That can be just what you require to begin feeling better. It’s a safe, all-natural technique to relieve discomfort in your arms and other areas.

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